The county of Pieria is an area rich in attractions of great historical and archaeological interest to the visitor.These attractions range from the wealth of findings at the Neolithic Settlement in Makrigialos through the remains of Pydna to the ruins of the City of Dion and the Castle at Platamonas. Monasteries and Churches are to be found in abundance, bearing witness to the extensive history of our area.The farmer’s plough is constantly bringing new discoveries to the surface in this part of the world.

The coast of Pieria is unique because of the vast expanses of sandy beaches that you can find there.They extend for over 70 kms. from the resort of Nei Pori, skirting the fringes of the mythical slopes of Mount Olympus, right up to the village of Methoni and the wetlands surrounding the mouth of the River Aliakmonas.Wide beaches of unspoilt natural beauty, with rich golden stretches of sand interspersed with pebbles and cool groves of pine, lead down to the peaceful blue waters of the warm inviting sea.
The cultural identity of the region is reflected in a series of cultural and religious events which will keep the visitor fully occupied throughout his stay.